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2023 return to performing

In October 2023 I had my first performance since before the pandemic, with new compositions and a very inspiring new ensemble. We played to a packed house at the newly-renovated and very hip Park Theater in Hudson, NY.

What the audience had to say about the concert:

"It was unusual, engaging, fun, beautiful, thoughtful! I knew I would enjoy it, but I did not expect that [my partner] and I would come away feeling so enriched and invigorated."

"My sister was quizzing me all the way home: 'What do you call that music? That wasn't really jazz, right?' I loved the oboe". I told her it was an extraction of European improvised music.  It was the quieter interludes, that struck me, though the whole concert could not have been more specific, and realized, in its shapes and sonorities. Elegant."


Left to right: Chuck Lamb, Piano, Paul Antonell, owner of Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, NY, 

Brian Melick: percussion, Eugene Friesen, cello, Ben Kono, woodwinds, 

Larry Chernicoff, composer/vibraphone, Don Davis, woodwinds, Tim Moran, woodwinds

Evan Jagels, bass. 

Larry Chernicoff Quintet 1983.jpg

Don DavisTim Moran, and Larry in 1984. 

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