Larry Chernicoff October CD

Larry Chernicoff: October 2004


Classical / jazz fusion for a large chamber ensemble of improvisers. Originally released as a 5.1 surround sound CD, October was awarded Best Surround Sound CD of the Year at the Surround Music Awards in Hollywood.


Larry Chernicoff composer, producer, vibraphone, piano, percussion
Karl Berger piano, co-producer, conductor
Carol Emanuel harp
Janet Grice bassoon
John Lindberg bass
Tim Moran clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones
Esther Noh violin
Charles Pillow oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone
Tomas Ulrich cello
Tom Varner French horn
Tony Vacca percussion
Benjy Wertheimer tablas


Special thanks to engineer / mix master / producer Paul Antonell at Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, NY, and surround guru / sound designer / composer Rich Tozzoli.


I have no idea whether Larry has ever thought of his work in the context of motion-picture soundtracks, but the visual images that his sounds evoke came readily and vividly. This music is beautiful and complex. Larry Chernicoff is a composer who will draw attention with October.  Creative Music Newsletter

Larry Chernicoff: Gallery of Air 1984

Considered by some to be a classic of early world jazz fusion, this LP has caught on with a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts. Re-issued in June, 2018 on the Incidental Music label.

Larry Chernicoff composer, producer, vibraphone, piano, percussion

Don Davis saxophones

Tim Moran saxophones

Sonam Targee trumpet, bamboo trumpet

Tony Vacca percussion

Stephen Walt bassoon

An impeccable synthesis of jazz, classical, rock and world folk styles.  Downbeat

Peter Primamore: Grancia 2006

I had the pleasure and privilege of collaborating with composer/pianist Peter Primamore to co-produce his music and to play on this amazing CD.

The all-star band includes Tony Levin [bass], Jerry Marotta [drums], Chieli Minucci [guitar], Shane Shanahan [percussion], Charles Pillow [woodwinds], Tim Moran [woodwinds], Antoine Silverman [violin] David Eggar [cello] Lorenza Ponce: [violin], Jonathan Dinklage [viola, violin] Carol Emanuel [harp], Larry Chernicoff [vibraphone, glockenspiel, percussion]


Special thanks to the wizard, Larry Chernicoff: great musician, hipster CEO, sensei-Buddha meets the Coney Island Cyclone, overseeing everything from the beginning and driving me further and further into myself, never accepting the acceptable when he could get better. Grancia would not be what it has become without him.

From Peter Primamore's Grancia liner notes


Primamore achieves a stunning success... he's created an album of sweetly melodic, classically-inflected instrumental pop music that remains effortlessly accessible throughout...the album as a whole is a pleasure.

Creative Music Studio Orchestra: Archive Selections Volume 1 2010

During his years at the legendary Creative Music Studio, Larry performed with the CMS Orchestra under the direction of Anthony Braxton, Don Cherry, Dave Holland, Karl Berger, Ed Blackwell, The Art Ensemble of Chicago and many others ... at Carnegie Recital Hall, The Riverside Church, and in Boston, Colorado and Toronto. He is a member of the Orchestra on this first CMS Archive recording, performing with Oliver Lake.

CMS was a relaxed meeting place for kindred spirits, but this is rigorously focused, at times fiercely concentrated music. … If necessary, put your thinking mind on hold, but be sure to catch this glimpse into a genuinely exploratory and still exhilarating musical gathering.

Peter Blum CD Cover ONLY.jpg

Peter Blum: 13 Dreams 2020

About 45 years after we played together in several bands in Woodstock, NY, Peter asked me to work with him and his producer to craft this sumptuous-sounding CD. A guitarist, Peter's compositions combine his background in North Indian classical music with his folk guitar sensibility, and his choices of instrumentation make for a totally unique sound. Notable players on the album include Indian bansuri bamboo flute player Steve Gorn, singer/songwriter/studio musician Tim Moore, and jazz drummer Harve Sorgen. I play vibraphone on a few tracks, and was very pleased to lend my ears to the editing and mixing process. Available at CD Baby and streaming sites.

Miracle Steps (Music From The Fourth World 1983 - 2017) Released 2017

The track Woodstock, New York from Gallery of Air appears on this 2-disk vinyl compilation from Optimo Music in Glasgow, Scotland []. From the liner notes:

What we have attempted to gather across this compilation is a body of work which we feel directly resonates with both the literal definition of ‘Fourth World’ music and indeed our own interpretation of this unique sonic vision; from the work of the late Jorge Reyes, a Mexican musician who combined pre-Hispanic instruments with synthesisers and digital sampling, through to the work of organic ambient ensemble O Yuki Conjugate. There are tracks which utilise custom, home-made instruments and there are tracks built from scratch using the latest in digital technology, but the undercurrent tying each piece together is this deeply personal feeling of intrigue and mysterious elation. Strange and unparalleled, this feeling manages to eschew geographic borders and rigid genre movements in favour of something which manages to evoke an inner sanctum, a musical private place for both reflection and assessment. This is music grounded in nor the past nor the present, music which manages to sound futuristic yet remarkably nostalgic.

Cassis & The Sympathies: Analog Love 2010

Hailing from a tiny Black Forest village in Germany, New York-based Cassis’ new CD, "Analog Love" – itself a labor of love seven years in the making – fuses Cassis’ passion for scoring films and penning cinematic songs. Her sound is full of great grooves, gorgeous unorthodox orchestrations and lovely melodies with cool off-kilter lyrics. Larry adds vibraphone to several tracks, along with the legendary studio session team of Herbie Flowers, bassist for David Bowie and also Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, and ‘Guitar God’ Chris Spedding. Sometimes gritty, sometimes ethereal, sometimes playful, always warm, Cassis’ voice is often compared to Nico and Bjork, while her punchy yet playful delivery is reminiscent of Tori Amos. 

Adam Michael Rothberg: Another Spin 2009

Adam has toured with Joan Baez, produced Dar Williams and performed with the best. His clever, bittersweet, and nostalgic lyrics are showcased, supporting his vocal talents as well as skillful playing on just about every instrument on the CD. As with his first album, “All the Whispering,” Rothberg wrote, performed, produced, and engineered “Another Spin.” The musical styles on “Another Spin” reflect influences including The Beatles, Randy Newman, Mark Knopfler, Elvis Costello, and Wilco.Larry makes a guest appearance on one beautiful ballad, "Me and You, Dad".

Native Lands 2002

Native Lands is a collection of ethnic folk songs from around the world–arranged, performed and recorded largely with indigenous instruments and some modern aesthetics. Innovative arrangements from the traditional music of Tibet, India, Bulgaria, China, Bali, and Western Africa, and, original compositions inspired by the idioms of these lands, comprise this CD. Reflecting the charm and character of these places, the music instantly takes the listener to a journey of the past, to a world far away. Joel Harrison [guitar], Sonam Targee [winds, percussion], Tom Schmidt [bass, synthesizer, African bow harp, drums], Paul Melnychuck [violin, keyboards, synth programming]  Larry Chernicoff  [vibraphone, synthesizer, percussion]

Joe Giardullo, Gravity 1979

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Joe Giardullo released Gravity - Music for Creative Chamber Group (Breeze Records) in 1979. It disappeared into obscurity almost immediately, but not before Downbeat's Francis Davis called it the most intensely democratic music" he'd heard, comparing it to Anthony Braxton's Paris ensembles, and using concepts and vocabularies from mathematics and geology to describe the creative elements of the music. He gave it 4 stars.  Joe has continued to work in that same democratic vein since then.