Chernicoff creates an impeccable synthesis of jazz, rock, classical and world folk styles. He knowingly enriches  simple song structures with layers of counterpoint and intriguing instrumental colors....a record in which Indonesian gamelan serves as a compositional impetus for a rock synthesizer number and Kenyan bow harps meet up with free jazz saxophone.

— Downbeat

The elusive Larry Chernicoff Band - which in some years performs only once or twice ... spun a magical web of complex yet accessible improvisations, ultimately garnering first place in this critic's list of the best concerts of the year.

— The Rogovoy Report

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Larry Chernicoff's Miniature Orchestra

Warm and serene, October combines the acoustic expressions of jazz and classical music with elements of "world music". Diverse and keen on melody, … it rises into a shimmering chain of ideas and sounds, and snaps and taps itself into an enjoyable swing. Chernicoff's distinctive musical approach blossoms and sustains itself with charm and grace … a sophisticated, subtle offering.

— All About Jazz

There are elements of world music, classical chamber music, and genre-bending improvisation here ... he has his own individual style, and it's a thorough delight.

— Audiophile Audition (Disc Of The Month  ***** Five Stars)  

It has much in common with classical chamber music, but there are so many elements of improvisation and world rhythms and tonal colors - you just can't compare it to anything else you're listening to these days. It is beautiful and complex.

— The Creative Music Newsletter

His compositions begin from simple structures, then expand into complex, spontaneous counterpoint, with a sense of controlled freedom. This is an unusual and engaging band with energy, lyricism and humor. Very memorable.

— Albany Times-Union

Larry Chernicoff is making quiet history with his integration of chamber music and jazz improvisation. 

National Public Radio

In its dynamic twists and turns, with surprises around every musical corner, Larry Chernicoff's 10-piece group, the Miniature Orchestra, serves ... shimmering, colorful renditions of music that hosts the dynamism of jazz and the dimensionality and proportions of classical music. October has a fresh, glistening organic quality. 

— Weekend

This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The Miniature Orchestra is the brain-child of award-winning visionary composer Larry Chernicoff. This group of extraordinary players approaches Larry's detailed compositions with reverence and a daredevil's attitude. The result is nothing short of exquisite. The group has the natural, unamplified sound of chamber music, but the players are all improvisers who swing hard. 

— Valley Advocate

There are both ancient and modern qualities to Larry Chernicoff's music. There are few easy niches in which to put this music. Some points of reference might be the Paul Winter/Oregon axis, Don Cherry or maybe Philip Glass. Could this be folk music for a culture not yet born? Chernicoff scores highest as a composer of highly original music that has an elusive 'I've heard this before' quality. This is fascinating music. 

— Victory Review