Jazz and Jest      

“I refuse to let people not laugh.” - Roger the Jester


Jazz and Jest is the uncommon collaboration of Larry Chernicoff’s band and Roger the Jester, a mime, magician, object manipulator, musician, acrobat, stilt-walker, unicyclist, puppeteer, and baker. 

Their performances combine Larry’s highly original music with Roger’s highly hilarious improvisational humor. Audiences love it. We play private parties, festivals, concerts

Roger is a comic performer of the old school, who combines techniques of the traditional European street performers and medieval jesters with modern improvisation. He has juggled, performed magic tricks, played music, and mimed his way through crowds of all sizes, leaving a trail of laughter across 23 countries, for more than 30 years. 

Roger was a member of the renowned performance group Mummenschanz in New York and Europe. He traveled with Circus Roncalli in Germany, with the Circus Knie in Switzerland, and the Circus Brazil Jack in Sweden. He now lives in western Massachusetts.

We never know what Roger is going to do. He's an improviser, just like we are. Sometimes the musicians are laughing so hard at what he's doing that we can hardly play. Especially the saxophone players!