Larry with Peter Frampton
Larry Chernicoff on guitar.
Conducting the Miniature Orchestra
The Miniature Orchestra
Pencil and paper.
Don Davis
The Miniature Orchestra.
Playing kamal n'goni, African guitar
Roger the Jester & Tom Schmidt
Larry Chernicoff, pianist.
House filling up
Larry Chernicoff Miniature Orchestra
Larry Chernicoff in concert.
Larry Chernicoff in concert.
Larry Chernicoff at Carnegie Hall.
Larry Chernicoff, percussionist.
Tom Varner
Larry Chernicoff Quintet, 1985.
Roger "The Jester" Reed.
John Lindberg
Charles Pillow on oboe.
Rogerio Boccato
Surround Sound Award
Tim Moran, woodwinds.
Tony Vacca, percussion.
The Miniature Orchestra
Charlie Tokarz, saxophones.
Jazz and Jest
Janet Grice

Vibraphonist Larry Chernicoff.