Recorded in 1983.

Released in 1984.

Viral in 2016.

Reissued in 2018.

Recorded in 1983, Gallery of Air has been discovered by a new generation of listeners. Something about this music has captivated people's imaginations, and the few copies that remain from the original vinyl pressing have been purchased by vinyl enthusiasts in Alaska, Barcelona, Moscow, Glasgow, Singapore, Tokyo, Canada, Italian hill towns, Stuttgart, Paris, etc.


People say that the record is a classic example of the early days when jazz met 'world music', and talk about the cool retro synthesizer textures and the influence of the minimalist composers of the 1980's. There are solid grooves, African bow harps, group improvisation, rampant saxophones, a bassoon, bursts of energy and moments of meditative calm. It was recorded before there were sequencers or digital editing, so there are no loops and no studio tricks. Everything was played just as you hear it.

Gallery of Air

Gallery of Air has been meticulously remastered to preserve the warm analog sound of the original recording. It was re-issued on vinyl in June, 2018 as a co-production of the Incidental Music label of Portland, OR, and Larry Chernicoff's Windy Planet Music. You can download a digital version of the album here.


The new vinyl pressing is directly through Incidental Music here, and can also be found at other fine retailers. 

One can hear the years Chernicoff spent working with dancers. This is stately and elegant music. The cross-rhythms invite dancing, as instrumental lines swell and diminish in tidal fashion.  

Woodstock Times


Gallery of Air has its own peculiar soft shine, something like cave light.  

New Age Journal


Gallery of Air is highly cerebral, decidedly non-mainstream, yet totally accessible. The effects of Chernicoff’s varied impulses are striking, for those who enjoy seeking out new sounds. 



A track like 'Woodstock, New York' seems to exist between places - it evokes America with a banjo-like pattern and handclaps, but a bamboo trumpet, played by Karma Sonam Targee, seems to take the track below the equator. 

Resident Adviser

It possesses and expresses ... warmth, simplicity and collaborative kinetics ... a welcoming, engaging and gestural exhibition as much choreographed as composed. A colorful array of instruments including tuned and untuned percussion, piano, saxophone, trumpet, bassoon, Kenyan bow harp, flute, electric bass and synthesizer act as costumes for bright personalities in harmonious dialogue. A myriad of genre signposts mark the listener's journey through captivating scenes, closing with the album’s namesake work, a short and sweet vibraphone and synthesizer coupling that lifts off into the world after the record is finished.


Listener Comments


I just discovered your beautiful LP Gallery of Air... I love to listen to this beauty in my living room ;-)
Best regards from Hamburg, Germany


I just want to start by telling you how much I've enjoyed this LP.  I've been digging through the vinyl records that have been sitting in our radio station's attic for 25 years, in an effort to recover quality music for radio playback once again. I came upon your record the other night and instantly fell in love with it. I'm so glad that your music found its way to me so that I can share it back with the radio station and our community.

Warm regards, Ryan


I was put onto your music a few years ago, and it really spoke to me. I'm a 23 year old musician from Toronto, Canada and I'm studying Jazz bass at the university here, but have been an avid fan of modern / contemporary music for some time, in efforts to push my sound into some quasi form. I'm happy to see Gallery of Air is getting a re-issue - (I can finally budget one into my expenses) -the small record shop I work at just received several copies in and I'm making sure everyone who comes in has a listen to it - though I've been playing it constantly, the record is a break in my day I look forward to having. I take a deep notes from your music, and I hope one day if ever my music comes out I could have a similar effect on someone your work has given me. Thank you for putting wind back in my sails.

A listener

This is a timeless piece of music. I will cherish it, listen to it and share it with others. Eventually I will pass this one on to my two sons, they will learn about Larry Chernicoff. Kind regards, K.

A listener engaging and gestural exhibition. as much choreographed as composed, an array of instruments act as costumes for bright personalities in harmonious dialogue.

A listener


Extraordinary, beautiful and singular music.

A listener from Australia


I was very moved by your album Gallery Of Air. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that!

Best, Raf


An absolute favorite and little-known gem on the short-lived indie label Muse/Art from 1983. This is his first release and it is a beauty. Very rich textural music that blends influences ranging from Reich/Glass minimalism to ECM style world fusion a la Codona and Jon Hassell.

A listener

Expansive layers of ethno jazz improvisation and soft synthesizer melodies are nicely put together giving warmth to this album's sound, bridging the ancient with the modern.

Huit, a listener


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