Larry Chernicoff's Miniature Orchestra

in Concert

Larry leads several ensembles ranging in size from 5 to 11 players, which play his compositions [almost] exclusively,


As a producer, he has worked with composers Peter Primamore and Peter Blum, and with musicians Tony Levin, Chieli Minucci, Jerry Marotta, Charles Pillow, Karl Berger, Shane Shanahan, Steve Gorn, Tim Moore and many others.

From an article in Metroland magazine:

"I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t  use Gregorian chant, or ancient melodies musical scholars

have found on inscribed on stone tablets in what was once Sumeria” he says, “and to use those instead of jumping off from, say, a Charlie Parker melody. It’s all the same— there are only 12 notes. What’s the difference really?"

Chernicoff has performed and recorded only sporadically over the years, but his work has become a carefully savored delicacy to critics and music fans in the know.

It’s been a long musical journey from his roots in acid rock and then free jazz to his detailed arrangements for strings and woodwinds.

He now sets out to achieve beauty with his music, to uplift listeners. He cites an old review that described his work as 'unashamedly melodic and pretty'.

"It’s as if a jazz musician isn't supposed to play music that’s melodic and pretty — or that you’re not hip if you do", he says. "I’ve come to a place where I really appreciate art that lifts us up in some way, he continues. 'Pretty is good.'"

Larry's 1983 vinyl album, Gallery of Air, is still prized by collectors literally around the world. It was reissued in June of 2018 on the Incidental Music label and is currently sold out again.