October CD

Larry Chernicoff’s multi-channel SACD, October, won the top prize -  ‘Best Made for Surround Title’ - at the third annual Surround Music Awards (SMAs).

Best Made for Surround Title is awarded to the most outstanding recording created from its inception with surround sound technology in mind. The previous year’s winner in this category was Steely Dan’s ‘Everything Must Go.’ 

The winners were announced at a star-studded event that took place Hollywood, CA. The award was presented to Larry by rock legend Peter Frampton, in a ceremony that also honored surround releases by the Rolling Stones, Herbie Hancock, Beck, Peter Frampton, and other artists representing wide range of styles.

The winners were selected by a panel of 75 expert judges that include personnel from Sound & Vision, Pro Sound News, Widescreen Review, Surround Professional, NARAS, USA Today, Highfidelityreview.com, and Los Angeles-based radio station KCRW.

October is available as a regular [stereo, not surround] download on iTunes. The surround-sound version is no longer available.

"You sit, you listen, and eventually you think: how did he ever come up with that? October left me with a sense that I had just listened to something truly new and distinct...a glorious experience…a musical fusion of global interest. I'll dig October for the rest of my life, thanks." 

"Larry Chernicoff, if I can say this, is a silent whirlwind. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Solid, intelligent, and almost entirely without capacity for stagnation, the guy is a creative force. Catch Larry's music, really. It's new. I'm serious. Larry's work is light, but substantial, and the music floats."  -- The Artful Mind

"Larry Chernicoff is making quiet history with his integration of chamber music and jazz improvisation." -- National Public Radio

"Warm and serene, October combines the acoustic expressions of jazz and classical music with elements of what is often referred to as "world music". Diverse and keen on melody, … it rises into a shimmering chain of ideas and sounds, and snaps and taps itself into an enjoyable swing. Chernicoff's distinctive musical approach blossoms and sustains itself with charm and grace … a sophisticated, subtle offering. "-- All About Jazz

"There are elements of world music, classical chamber music, and genre-bending improvisation here ... he has his own individual style, and it's a thorough delight. The music alternates jazzy improv with quieter passages, sometimes colored exotically with Tibetan chimes, gongs and bowed cymbals. This SACD just won an award for "Best Made for Surround" at the annual Surround Music Awards in Hollywood, and certainly deserves it" (Disc Of The Month  ***** Five Stars) -- Audiophile Audition

"In its dynamic twists and turns, with surprises around every musical corner, Larry Chernicoff's 10-piece group, the Miniature Orchestra, serves ... shimmering, colorful renditions of … music that boasts the dynamism of jazz and the dimensionality and proportions of classical music. October has a fresh, glistening organic quality. The recording has a terrific, warm live sound …. the depth and vibrancy of the instruments are remarkable." -- Weekend

"October is a unique conception, which, although it has much in common with classical chamber music, has too many elements of improvisation and world rhythms and tonal colors to allow it to be classed with whatever else you might be listening to these days." -- Creative Music Newsletter

Performance: 4 1/2 stars Sonics: 5 stars
"A sublime performance of chamber jazz/classical music that draws the listener into the band's hypnotic vibe. Chernicoff and his cohorts create a totally unique fabric of sound that emerges as one unified composition. This recording won the "Best Made for Surround Title" award at the 2004 Surround Music Awards, and it's not hard to hear why. The sumptuous mix features a huge soundstage, capturing instruments in space as well as any I've heard. The musical textures are stark and beautiful, involving and interesting. I really enjoyed the liner notes, where Chernicoff explains the genesis and development of each song -a nice feature. Highly recommended.

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