Miniature Orchestra

Larry's large ensemble has a classical chamber sound: oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, harp, and strings - along with saxophones, piano, vibraphone, and percussion. The music combines the spontaneity of jazz improvisation with detailed and complex arrangements. You might call it jazz/classical fusion.

Colonial - Whole band

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In writing for the Miniature Orchestra, Larry shifts the balance toward more notated music, with improvisation growing organically out of the compositions. The expanded group, with its blend of 'orchestral' and 'band' instruments, has a very rich sound. 

“... an impeccable synthesis of jazz, rock, classical, and world folk styles. 


“... dignified, quiet, and unashamedly melodic and pretty”.


“... shimmering, colorful music with the dynamism of jazz and the  proportions of classical music. it has a fresh, organic quality”.


“Larry Chernicoff is making quiet history with his integration of chamber music and jazz improvisation.”

National Public Radio

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